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Current Leading Player: Natsâ„¢

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Rank Position Name Rank SteamID Score
1Natsâ„¢ ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:0:9971191623001
2Xxx4thevoleur7xxX ( Legendary Eagle )STEAM_0:1:11687306421435
3Jagged orphans ( Legendary Eagle )STEAM_0:1:12884767116824
4JuηKboY ( Gold Nova II )STEAM_0:1:6263933916042
5Laugh [✖‿✖] ( Gold Nova III )STEAM_0:1:9097901214351
6NeosangKer ( Master Guadian I )STEAM_0:1:4968362412283
7Isanty ( Silver Elite )STEAM_0:1:15639259711340
8Annoying dog ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:8735959610951
9Sten Ador ( Gold Nova III )STEAM_0:1:10519934210480
10悪魔 | Ghostex452 ( Silver Elite )STEAM_0:1:7247265610373
11[KaZ_9]C4R1B0U ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:16003529810365
12NexTYou ( Master Guadian Elite )STEAM_0:1:1594978049515
13XderbiX ( Gold Nova III )STEAM_0:1:1277517519224
14pieseł ( Master Guadian II )STEAM_0:1:785681128788
15der gerät ( Gold Nova I )STEAM_0:0:1335061928609
16staruns ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:1:1229129567940
17Bing.com ( Silver Elite )STEAM_0:0:840690447924
18otaku ( Master Guadian II )STEAM_0:0:1765515057855
19FripInside ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:1223718947482
20Leonitaupe ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:1:1713033827165
21Stefan ( Silver III )STEAM_0:0:1015162616373
22BaKsA97 { [ マントラ ] } ( Silver Elite )STEAM_0:1:955913636333
23${H}ARU ( Global Elite )STEAM_0:1:1555476076309
24••.•لμ๓βσ•.•• ( Gold Nova II )STEAM_0:0:1709871065971
25mexxicain ( Gold Nova III )STEAM_0:1:1108116085971
26Thoony ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:834646225812
27BigManAdrian ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:0:1410996235538
28Nathan Bardin ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:0:1714157335529
29R3dMania_ ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:1059506355493
30Nabil-KD26 ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:1165259155361
31Silver zer0 ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:0:1342308285240
32fly626 ( Gold Nova I )STEAM_0:0:1596230065203
33Ûž HADI Ûž ( Master Guadian Elite )STEAM_0:1:1811097105190
34SlenderMan52 ( Master Guadian II )STEAM_0:1:956694895106
35Gummy ( Gold Nova I )STEAM_0:1:1797462205083
36jonathanmendes07 ( Silver Elite )STEAM_0:1:874945914899
37PyroToxin ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:906820034767
38Wiśnia IZIWIN.PL ( Unranked )STEAM_0:0:839964464712
39Strong_Cola17 ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:1264840994683
40Tony.Fdz ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:1:1042260014664
41[US][CH] Terminator_331 ( Legendary Eagle )STEAM_0:1:1506363154640
42aLpHa ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:374778934612
43Jordan (AWP)= 3 ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:1558408794397
44FLASH ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:613715504369
45orange ( Master Guadian I )STEAM_0:1:1771129574336
46Garry's Mod ( Silver Elite )STEAM_0:0:1594737234325
47Sandygast ( Gold Nova I )STEAM_0:0:1747211874159
48NeooTiCz_ ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:1252776064158
49Turnip ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:1036294984126
50SlayerBurn ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:0:1569231734084
51Shankmeister ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:1052181054057
52[PWND]Internet112 ( Gold Nova I )STEAM_0:0:871828794057
53CGB | CSGOBattle.com ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:952396264046
54♥Freetos♥Kagami-sama LE FDP ( Global Elite )STEAM_0:1:1732366294027
55Alpha ZayNor ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:1:1180330734000
56senKa @monarch-gaming.com ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:976467943930
57peter pan ( Distinguished Master Guardian )STEAM_0:0:1422881193908
58admin he doing it sideways ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:1:630947293898
59♣ⓜoloft♣ ( Master Guadian II )STEAM_0:1:1636724893898
60Alesha ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:1568043213860
61[ETH] Dark Panda ( Gold Nova III )STEAM_0:0:1191688333856
62OSTROWSKYY ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:1206761333838
63agatomii ( Silver Elite Master )STEAM_0:1:981617153811
64PierreC77 [Fr] ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:0:532984753810
65FunkySkill ( Gold Nova II )STEAM_0:0:1251374163796
66Momooow ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:1180442713756
67Sushi ( Global Elite )STEAM_0:1:1010594233731
68[CwH] Paws civilgamers.com ( Silver Elite Master )STEAM_0:0:1366019643712
69ibrane974 ( Silver Elite )STEAM_0:1:1730376353642
70Mr Pingouin ( Silver III )STEAM_0:0:953279303611
71Maitreapollon3175 ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:1593581983609
72theoromeo1825 ( Gold Nova III )STEAM_0:1:1246132003594
73Hyper ( Silver Elite )STEAM_0:0:1300218383555
74Joby ( Unranked )STEAM_0:0:994618323530
75Niklas ( Silver II )STEAM_0:0:683371763505
76thoma ( Silver II )STEAM_0:0:1670298413475
77Bbbbbbbbrettt ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:726563623442
78Xtremez ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:842077893422
79Ouranox ( Gold Nova I )STEAM_0:0:1821528093408
80Eskimo ( Master Guadian I )STEAM_0:0:779775953364
81Carneyvore18 ( Legendary Eagle )STEAM_0:1:1050107983358
82VindixPL ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:1745607933352
83Chaman09 ( Legendary Eagle )STEAM_0:1:1159398863324
84thomas99313 ( Gold Nova III )STEAM_0:1:801091283323
85OHSHITWADDUP -MATTIE ( Gold Nova Master )STEAM_0:0:1085902333320
86Eclipse ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:537920943319
87skinmax.gg bleard solo aim ( Master Guadian I )STEAM_0:0:1579496633315
88Sherter ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:1285587293285
89[ S-A] [ LaCelluleRp ] la banan ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:1718422553283
90mateusz ( Silver Elite Master )STEAM_0:1:1697870203252
91Simon ( Unranked )STEAM_0:0:1449682783239
92☢КУНИЦА☢ ( Gold Nova I )STEAM_0:0:1399189223184
93Mateda[Dz] ( Silver II )STEAM_0:0:1382026573159
94KQLY ( Silver Elite Master )STEAM_0:1:183890733130
95szynka i wieprzyk ( Silver III )STEAM_0:1:1587425463085
96THOMOCTOBRE ( Gold Nova III )STEAM_0:0:914436083078
97[FR]Victorr ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:1597012403069
981TAPS ( Gold Nova III )STEAM_0:0:1539375533058
99Heavy Atlas csgo500 ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:1485807253035
100swedboy ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:234688652963
101lonewolf gaming ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:0:1452008972963
102Sosa ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:1411538212942
103xx_hayvaninja_xx ( Silver III )STEAM_0:1:1516438872938
104laureenlesage ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:1:1657120552921
105Sir_Magnat03 ( Gold Nova Master )STEAM_0:1:757497742909
106TRIKUI ( Gold Nova Master )STEAM_0:1:1058919532909
107TheGameClick ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:884210382908
108[SVAG] Zombey ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:1294443822881
109nono ( Unranked )STEAM_0:0:1273924662854
110Chaos Ripper ( Gold Nova I )STEAM_0:1:416973282807
111[FR]K1NG4S ( Gold Nova II )STEAM_0:0:923656702806
112shadowstep ( Silver II )STEAM_0:0:508263672803
113Quim Barreiros ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:827732882783
114Matthieu Charton ( Gold Nova II )STEAM_0:0:1327870362782
115TastieraQwerty[ITA] ( Silver Elite Master )STEAM_0:0:868394252723
116banshee ( Gold Nova III )STEAM_0:0:1046444902709
117Clappy ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:759251872697
118Jitze ek ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:1098355702663
119SurOn ( Silver III )STEAM_0:1:932887132658
120✪I WISH | ( Silver III )STEAM_0:1:987998632603
121⎛⎝ i 3 Pandas(*3*) ( Silver III )STEAM_0:0:1400963122569
122Dysnystaxis ( Gold Nova II )STEAM_0:0:1445590622567
123TocTocToc s'est le skill ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:1661599962560
124‡Sniper‡ ( Gold Nova III )STEAM_0:1:1505754292541
125Typhoos ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:1387828412506
126alexgesh ( Unranked )STEAM_0:0:1232054342504
127Λ S Λ T Λ_†_Ameno_† ( Legendary Eagle )STEAM_0:1:1492149622502
128Xander ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:0:1367624742495
129Ozzip69 ! ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:1:994215012492
130[FR]gzara1 ( Silver Elite Master )STEAM_0:0:789979872492
131mrian.keith2 ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:1184894842487
132[BBK]IceRayZer ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:934099412476
133FanaticWaaSap ( Silver Elite )STEAM_0:0:968696282472
134Zrael ( Legendary Eagle Master )STEAM_0:0:1173714712440
135[WEEB]Imp Child ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:0:1410102892398
136alekseenk ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:181715032382
137spy killer ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:1092764922381
138[龍WAP龍] Hugo Markie ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:1213306242356
139[♦Hyperion Gaming♦]Phacoche ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:1293993732329
140Alo Ahhhhh csgotitan.net ( Master Guadian I )STEAM_0:1:1544657212319
141Necr0z ( Master Guadian Elite )STEAM_0:1:951378482318
142xToxxic ( Legendary Eagle Master )STEAM_0:0:560386552316
143{Freetos] Mohamed ( Silver III )STEAM_0:1:1471561032316
144sashagevrek ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:1330884342304
145rugisqui ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:1069673672297
146NicersS ( Silver Elite )STEAM_0:0:977964392270
147Fetty AWP ( Gold Nova III )STEAM_0:1:847448012267
148Dr.Pepe ( Silver Elite )STEAM_0:0:420265692246
149sebastian.watre ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:1576229192227
150♥MUSIC♥ ( Gold Nova Master )STEAM_0:0:646289802220
151[SWTOR] Mimi Agar Empire Celest ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:745833572211
152nasKo ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:914346192202
153khalil le boss ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:1250532262191
154Elouan272 ( Supreme Master First Class )STEAM_0:1:1049051962188
155SWd_Ligon ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:729245002185
156dav.azevedo ( Silver III )STEAM_0:1:1573013302182
157ervinos ( Unranked )STEAM_0:0:756023362179
158Emperor☆Flash ( Master Guadian I )STEAM_0:1:975891092174
159SashimiAuTroll ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:0:911227012173
160Pred0 ( Silver Elite )STEAM_0:0:1214521192171
161VrAg0125 ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:497842152166
162Violaine ( Silver III )STEAM_0:0:1059635692165
163Luplex ( Unranked )STEAM_0:0:763047042154
164jackthegod ( Unranked )STEAM_0:0:1392749042154
165ethanou56 ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:1765322762152
166dmman.exe ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:641377652133
167Fernando_Mendes ( Silver III )STEAM_0:0:790501132131
168_Fire___ ( Distinguished Master Guardian )STEAM_0:0:1611365312118
169CRIS ( Silver Elite )STEAM_0:0:836626852107
170AdminGun ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:1211415562094
171[龍WAP龍] jean ceyrien ( Master Guadian I )STEAM_0:0:1582097882088
172DimasAlwaysRussian ( Gold Nova I )STEAM_0:0:2151823902088
173[ARMY]GREENLIGHT | TRACER ( Silver Elite Master )STEAM_0:1:1238235902059
174NxS ● Grey-Goos ● ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:1021343222049
175Totally Not a Panda ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:1473992852042
176I-Iñ£ERÑÖ-I ( Silver Elite Master )STEAM_0:0:1712527202035
177val30956 ( Silver Elite Master )STEAM_0:1:1604786082031
178ninja742 ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:0:950583572028
179B4X¥БАТЯ ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:1025795692023
180♛埉_Emilia-Tan_在♛ ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:1103055722022
181faider ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:1:562280751993
182Hanshirō ( Unranked )STEAM_0:0:984751281985
183CrazyEcco ( Master Guadian II )STEAM_0:0:796206101982
184Blackeagle ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:819338091970
185[CM] App1e ( Silver Elite )STEAM_0:1:917169461959
186Zemzale*CumplexIsGay ( Distinguished Master Guardian )STEAM_0:0:600333531950
187Tom ( Silver III )STEAM_0:1:1517682791945
188XXX$YOUTUBEMADEMEMLG$XXX ( Silver III )STEAM_0:1:414049361945
189ddark.pais ( Silver Elite )STEAM_0:1:914335791940
190Excalibur01 ( Unranked )STEAM_0:0:1372221721932
191[FR] SunVinc'z ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:1255623701932
192Skudist ( Unranked )STEAM_0:0:796478381927
193Mustafa ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:212685991925
194Xekoukie ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:1616185601913
195anthonybonin17 ( Gold Nova II )STEAM_0:1:1619899761907
196dreamCRAFT FR ( Unranked )STEAM_0:0:1407467541900
197MrChopper1015 ( Gold Nova II )STEAM_0:1:1507679621897
198.HARLEM ( Silver II )STEAM_0:0:1474927941897
199Pompa Doge ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:1465941671890
200HayvanNinja ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:1011382001879
201Banana ( Gold Nova III )STEAM_0:1:491743361855
202IgolantWolf ( Silver III )STEAM_0:1:1154434701851
203Snoop Dogg ( Gold Nova II )STEAM_0:0:867690781849
204AirMix_AsTraL ( Silver Elite )STEAM_0:0:646497481848
205â™›AnSoLinâ™› ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:1:1003951821846
206booty people who are still a 9 ( Master Guadian II )STEAM_0:0:330994831828
207MHD.AFRO TRAP ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:1:1625764361824
208fracktube ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:1141170211820
209Igorowski9 ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:1479309551817
210CarliTo ( Legendary Eagle )STEAM_0:0:795420571815
211segfault ( Gold Nova II )STEAM_0:0:184446761814
212monkey82300 ( Legendary Eagle Master )STEAM_0:0:1698834761811
213vickosti38 ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:1002863451810
214Oogy Boogy Tom ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:1021729051805
215Ice_Cube31/Cedric LeGrand ( Gold Nova I )STEAM_0:1:1181084271803
216FreeLol1 ( Silver II )STEAM_0:0:829551741789
217Stels (Eys) ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:1753003561784
218AiipeX ( Silver Elite Master )STEAM_0:0:959357031775
219Dock Fire ( Unranked )STEAM_0:1:1299753961773
220MortelNexus ( Gold Nova II )STEAM_0:1:1480854431755
221_Socol_ ( Silver I )STEAM_0:0:847950941753
222Waldemar ( Gold Nova I )STEAM_0:1:859721281743
223Stormy ( Unranked )STEAM_0:0:395334151739
224Dimitri Petrevchenko ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:1217797701736
22563 ( Legendary Eagle Master )STEAM_0:1:1846372701732
226hollande**fureur* ( Silver IV )STEAM_0:0:1737433571731
227Siro_Kyze_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:875637231729
228NexTurn SliendsAdds Chef ( Silver II )STEAM_0:0:1399425811725
229cocalife77650 ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:1713802661723
230RockRage ( Gold Nova II )STEAM_0:0:1569581591719
231GRAF VITOL21 ( Silver Elite Master )STEAM_0:1:1860317831715
232GamingFR ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:1200159511705
233YEE ( Silver II )STEAM_0:0:1161523031704
234DanSmoker ( Gold Nova I )STEAM_0:0:1300180521704
235Ketjow22 ( Master Guadian I )STEAM_0:1:894591971701
236★ÎČÊ★ ( Gold Nova III )STEAM_0:0:1013157831699
237GUZZGUY ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:1508063991698
238JieLong ( Silver III )STEAM_0:0:944320381692
239Flying Spaghetti Monster ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:1272541611692
240_CуПоСтАт_ ( Legendary Eagle )STEAM_0:1:1892700131689
241Jesse Pinkman ( Silver Elite Master )STEAM_0:1:1266637051680
242ISwiFiXx_ ( Silver I )STEAM_0:1:1248402381673
243Sodex ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:1508974461662
244GoldenBull ( Silver II )STEAM_0:1:843994711659
245[ R.I.P ] DrK Gaming ( Gold Nova I )STEAM_0:0:1701174861649
246MarcinGra ( Silver II )STEAM_0:0:965465111647
247Rambow ( Master Guadian II )STEAM_0:1:1670623901644
248Danilma ( Global Elite )STEAM_0:1:1719501701640
249arnaud23cool ( Silver III )STEAM_0:1:1240781621638
250e.peyremorte84800 ( Unranked )STEAM_0:0:1389400301635